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I don't know about you! but even when you don't actually work full time per se...How come there is still never enough time to get everything done, tick off the to do list, call the friends you really want chat with, clear out the garage, cupboards, visit those you promise yourself you are going to and generally take time to breath and enjoy life? Thankfully we did take a lovely holiday, a road trip across northern Spain and found ourselves being with all the other over 60's who want to miss the school holidays and the crowds. The hotels, restaurants and attractions are just opening up and a very pleased to see you and serve you with pleasure...I hope you all manage to get away and find some rest and recuperation, warm evenings and lovely food. I have made a few purchases, a selection of clothing can be found at Studio Flex, which seems to be working well. Its also online. Summer tops and classic cotton dresses. There is also lots of new necklaces, bracelets and classic easy wear earrings. My unit at The Dedham Arts and Crafts Centre also has a huge selection of my jewellery and sunglasses. Both of these venues have great cafes. So worth a visit. It's also great for leather bags, homewares, art and lots more. I will be having another Pop Up in July at my house as it seems to be very popular and everyone who comes really enjoys it.

DATES FOR THE DIARY St Peters Street Market is on the 26

th June. Other events happening in and around Ipswich & Suffolk //


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