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Wardrobe Edit


What's in your wardrobe right now?

Is it full of the same colour?

Full of things you do not wear?


You just don’t have the time sort or put together outfits

and not inspired to try!

Your body shape has changed and you feel that nothing suits you.


You reach for the same sort of outfit everyday.

You are bored with your look and you want an injection of style confidence.


You want to look stylish every day even to take the dog out.


Most of us only wear 20% of their wardrobe

and some things you've never worn (we've all been there)


You want to feel excited about getting dressed and have increased confidence

and inspired every time you open your wardrobe.


Invite me in!


We will spend 3 to 6 hours total possibly over a couple of days.

We will chat about your goals and what you would like to achieve from our time together.

I discover your style and what you like to wear and what suits you.


I get you to choose some of your favourite pieces and your purchasing mistakes.


We then open up the wardrobe and delve inside to find some interesting hidden gems.

You will try on lots of items, have some fun and we will play with lots of ideas.


I will take photographs for you to review and keep for reference.

We can then sort out what to pack away, recycle, sell or keep.

We will make a shopping list of items to buy to compliment or complete some outfits.

You will be left with a more cordinated, organised wardrobe and outfits that you can wear.


Plus 20% discount on any goods purchased from Cake & Catwalk

Price Package for Wardrobe Edit

£75 for 4 hours extra hours £25 per hour plus travel

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