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Slice of Cake - July 2018

Phew...Loving this summer. At least you can plan ahead and know you are going to get great weather.

We have loads happening. Get these dates in your diary. Jax & Co are a brilliant family band who do Johnny Cash really well. I had a fun evening in the winter and knew I had to have them for a gig in the garden. So please try to make it, you won’t regret it. Friday 27th July. Its £10 as its a proper booking. Bring your picnic, refreshments and your dancing shoes. Those who have been before treat this as their own private party.

Then we have a guitar jam night on the 10th August,. If you want to join in or know someone who does or you can just enjoy the evening. We will do a whip round if we get Marz along to play.

24th August we have Exit 13. They do all the classic pop and original hits. Then on Sunday 26th we have Holly and hopefully Uncle Buck. I will send more info on these in a couple of weeks.

Friday the 31st August we have Josh and the Lockerbillies. You will really want to join in for this one. They really rock.

So book out these dates and pass on these on to friends and family. Let’s make hay whilst the sun shines.

Look out for the Ipswich Family Trail. This is an All About Ipswich event for the children during the summer holidays. Find out all about the seahorses!

We have secured another St Peters Street Market. Sunday 30th September. Food and Crafts. Please let any foodie people know and quality crafters. Book a stall from £50 from

SHOP TALK What’s new in the shop.....Loads of summer dresses, dungarees and jumpsuits for your summer holidays. I was completely cleaned out so popped up to London this week and restocked. They are flying out already. There are still a few good bargains left and remember my sunglasses are only £10 and Hats from £10. New things arriving all the time but its winter stock and I refuse to put it out until September.

Will keep you posted but please enjoy this lovely summer .

Blessings Lynn x


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