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Keeping up Appearances and January Jumpers

To remain cheerful I have left my fairy lights in the bushes and the tree in my garden. Husband is not amused! I just need to turn them on occasionally to lift my spirits.

And it does.

I do try to maintain certain standards during this time. I always put my face on (sheer vanity as I look frightful without some colour and mascara being a ginger). I can get away wearing the same outfit for a few days as long as my hair looks ok. Its saving the planet not washing clothing and hair every day!

But I have put away all my posh frocks and fancy clothing until next year. Just seeing them in my wardrobe makes me mourn the loss of a party, dinner out and even a court appearance, (just kidding).

My mode de jour has definitely been my PU leggings, high boots and my Alpini jumpers.

They always look good, loads of different colours and lengths and one size does fit all.

Great for a feeling fat day. Several of them are in the sale and I am looking forward to getting some new styles in when these have all sold.

PS Don’t forget your vest. Its still cold out there.


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