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Getting Organised for 2023

I have not been idle! I’ve been busy. I tend to keep my head down during January as I always make bad decisions in a panic because I think I’m missing out, too quiet etc.

Date for the next Pop Up event here at my home which I have pencilled in for the Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March. As some of you struggle with a week day.

New Idea! I want to include a ‘Sale or Swap’ rail. Lots of you keep telling me that you have lots of lovely clothes that you no longer wear. By a pre arranged booking you bring up to 3 items of good quality clothing that you no longer wear. You can then swap it for something that another person has bought along or if nothing takes your fancy it can be sold. Full details and instructions of this will be sent when you book in. If I get overwhelmed with bookings I will find a suitable venue to accommodate. So let me know by email if you want to get involved in this.

I am not purchasing clothing in January or February as this is a non season and we all have enough warm clothing and the wholesalers are pushing spring and summer and I’m just not ready!

But I do have a refresh on Habits Travel Collection which is arriving in February. It’s a great range and excellent quality and for taking on holiday or events. When you try it on you will understand. It never fails to impress.

BUT there are some really lovely scarves online which I have chosen for their colours and patterns to brighten up your outfits prior to spring. I have done my annual purchase of Hatti Metal Jewellery. It’s all online plus some will be at Dedham. Here are some great new designs and very different. More new stock is arriving so keep checking the website and share the love ladies.

I am also launching my services to help re organise your wardrobe, style parties and style talks. Almost there and will be ready to launch in February.

Keep you posted..Follow me on the old social media.




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