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What's My Starting Point?

Getting ready for the day.

Take consideration for the following:

· The weather!

· Am I working inside, outside both? Your working environment!

· Your mood! Your body! You’re Hair!

· Am I on my feet all day or sitting down?

Some days you may have to start from the feet up. Wearing inappropriate shoes can totally affect your mood, your energy level and create unnecessary pain, which shows on your face. Be realistic. This will then determines your outfit choices. Boot or shoe led. Summer is much easier for women. Less so for the men.

Dress for your working environment. If it’s cold and you want to dress up, wear a vest or layers.

Feeling miserable? Put on happy or mood lifting colour. A fun shirt or top.

Feeling fat? Wear loose, wear flowing, wear elasticised waist. Let’s not squeeze all that into a pint pot. It’s not a good look.

Open up the wardrobe. Big tip. Never save your best clothes for best. Wear them any time. It’s now considered sustainable. Going to the office? Don’t wear the same clothes every day.

Try starting with a top and choose 2 bottoms. Or start with the bottoms and choose two tops, either or! What works best, most comfortable, warm, cool etc. Which works best with suitable and available footwear? Or that dress you look amazing in.

Break it down. Don’t agonise over it too much (unless you are having one of those I look rubbish in everything day). Crack on. It’s work not a wedding.

Finally, pop on some accessories. Don’t overdo it. Less is more. One bold statement piece of jewellery or a matching scarf or three smaller pieces of jewellery.

You’re done. Get out there and be Fabulous!


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