Weather Permitting

Hey! We can meet up, outside if we wrap up

and start to get our social lives back.

What a relief (it is for me).

That means you cannot put away all the warm winter clothing

yet as the start of this spring/summer is not quite up to

last years expectations. At least it's legal and we can begin

to think about putting on something smarter and getting

our hair appointment and beauty treatments.

Which is great for the stylists and beauticians who must

really have missed us.

I am going to be honest. As I have to be my own model for all the photos for the online shop and do all the Instagram/Facebook posts,

I actually put on my nice clothing and wear them for about an hour

(see above for the look, which is a selfie)

and if I am not actually going out,

I just slip back into my compfy clothing again

and to save on the washing.

There I've confessed!

I have just put some new arrivals onto the web site.

Finding it a little difficult to know what to buy as it's not exactly warm yet

but we are all trying to find something fresh and new to wear.

There are some new Rayon tops which are a free size and have vents at the sides. They look and feel very luxuarus. Good cololurs and lots of different ways to wear them.