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The Autumn has arrived.

Welcome. October....My favourite month.

Thank you to all the new people who have recently signed up to the newsletter. I call this a Slice of Cake but in reality I cannot bake a cake! I make a fabulous deserts but my cakes are dreadful. They mostly resemble flying saucers and I end up baking about 4 very hard layers to get the height and it’s like eating clay. Never the less I can strut my stuff down the catwalk, usually with friends but at these times it’s just me, for which I apologise, but at least you get to see the clothing worn by a real person. If slightly old and mad!

I have been really hectic trying to photograph, edit and get as much winter products online as possible. Most of these products are from last winter which I boxed up early but now want to find out what I need to buy for this year. All the scarves are now visible, working now on fake fur, hats and gloves. I have also put last season’s Pomodoro onto the sale section, so there are a few good quality bargains there. It’s hard to get over excited about formal or smart clothing if we are not going out like we used to.

The new Envy collection is now available and I have got some great leisure wear. My favourite are the super soft heart tops and the jersey ones. I am just buying a few at a time to test the market but can get more. I am looking at jumpers and warm woollies next.

I have been involved in Fashion Candy’s Virtual Fashion Show which was filmed last week. It was nice to see my collection modelled by proper models. They filmed it at the Bloom Lounge on Tacket Street which looked lovely and it all went well. Pam and her team are now editing etc and it is going to be available to view on Thursday 8th October on You Tube. Follow this link Also take a look at the official web

Although I have left St Peters Street my heart is still there and I miss my shop colleagues. It is still a great shopping destination with some promising new ventures happening there very soon. The parking is free on the street and it’s still a great to visit and find that special gift or something for the home. So don’t forget it and make an effort to visit them soon. Follow them all on Instagram thesaintsipswich and Facebook @thesaints

Some of you may want to stay in touch with a few of the artisans that I had in my shop. I am going to be working on some additional pages this month so you can still keep in touch with them. Shelley Watts has her own website, and Alison from Alicatsilverstudio who sells at the moment through Etsy. Find her on Instagram.

Plus if anyone needs sewing alterations or remodelled, Sylwia Halawin is excellent and you can call her on 07912849644.

More connections next time.

This month I have been out and about and have visited, by invitation, Suffolk Yoga. I met Julia, the owner, at her newly renovated studio at 1 Sorrel Horse Mews, Ipswich IP4 1LN, which is very close to the Waterfront. They have 1 lovely large studio, a smaller one and several treatment rooms which are available to hire. They also have a small shop with some yoga gear and props and other local and ethical goods, even some sweet potted plants. I am booking a class this week as there a several that I know I will enjoy. Julia holds open days along with all her classes and workshops and I will be doing a pop up event (providing no lock down) on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th November from 11.30 to 4.30 both days. Will keep you posted. Facebook: @Suffolkyoga and Instagram: @suffolkyogis

I did my first Aerial Yoga at Studio Flex and it was amazing. You can try it out as a beginner so it’s not at all scary. Of course the supported relaxation at the end is the best! My arms were a bit sore the next day but overall felt good. There are lots of classes that may suit you at Studio Flex. They have 3 big studios, which includes Pilates Reformer tables, a cafe serving healthy options and hot cooked food. I have put some of my leisure clothing there which includes Postcard from Brighton and a few other pieces. You can find Studio Flex at the Three Rivers Business Park on the main Bucklesham Road, past the Shepherd and Dog (if coming from Ipswich) or past the Seven Hills cemetery of coming from A12. Take a look online and you can download their app and book everything online.

Keeping busy people. Keep in touch and keep liking my posts.




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