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Support Your Local High Street This Christmas

You know that I am passionate about high street shopping and supporting local businesses. After all, it's why I set up Cake & Catwalk.

Some of you will have heard recently that I am quite unhappy about the Christmas Market that is currently set up outside the Town Hall. Whilst I respect that these traders who have a stall there have paid for this, my concern is that every penny spent there is a penny that local businesses are missing out on. In fact, the impact of the Christmas Market has made TV news. Click on the link below to read more:

The high street is going through a tough time, and local businesses need the support of local shoppers. I don't want you to not visit the Christmas Market, what I'm asking is that when you are in town that you make time to view all that the town shops have to offer. Like many others, I try to offer the best service and quality of products to meet your needs, and at affordable prices.


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