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What a difference a year makes. Just when you think hurahh

we can go all go out to play, legally, this weather really has put spring on hold and continues to dictate what we wear, how we feel and how we spend our money.

The up-side is that we have got our monies worth & value from our coats, jumpers and warm socks. Perhaps we can put away the winter and the spring wardrobe at the same time and get prepared for warmer days & delicious warm nights.

I've had a haircut, had both my jabs and have some great outfits to wear so I am ready to go out and hit the social scene.

Check out the Pomodoro linen and the Soya Concept in the sale section, there are some great jackets which are ideal for the transition.

This month I have been mostly learning how to make videos and clipping them for the social media posts. Old bird new tricks! It's complicated but I am geeting the hang of it but there is so much more to learn. I have to ask a much younger person, they know how to do it!


For May & June I have teamed up with Emma from Elsie & Tom Candles to bring you a special offer and a treat if you place an order over £20. With your order I will include 5 different candle melts so that you can experience the lovely fragrences that Emma has created. If you like them and decide to place an order you will get 10% off your first purchase. Plus an extra gift. Having tried them myself I can absolutely recommend them.


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