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Slice of Cake - December 2018

Last slice of the year...

How can one small shop create so much work? But it does. Anyone who knows me well will be witness to me flying about with a fraught rabbit in headlights face on most of the Christmas season. I try to slow down, as I know most of us women do, but why is there always so much to do?

Shop Talk New in: The Habits Travel Collection. With new colours and a few new styles. Plus the winter Cover Up Collection, Inspired by the Danish contemporary look. Hats, gloves big thick chunky scarves, fake fur scarves and bags, knitwear and of course loads of delicious jewellery. The shop is looking fabulous with the festive lights going up ready for the official lighting up in the town centre on the 22nd November. I hope you will come into town over the Christmas period to have a look at the new plaza. There is a performance which looks very interesting Ghost Caribou on the Cornhill at 4.30pm on 29th November and 6th December.


This is just for you...My special customers who read and enjoy my newsletters and jabbering. I am having a customer shopping evening on 6th December. From 5pm to 8pm. Spend £25 or more and get 15% discount on Cake & Catwalk stock just for this evening. The Italian Shirt Shop will be sharing this event and will be giving 10% discount on this evening only

The Christmas Street Market on Sunday 2nd December from 10am to 4pm. We have over 30 stalls, plus entertainment, food and drink. Cake & Catwalk are having their own stall featuring the Lindy Lou and Marzipan scarves and our fingerless gloves. The new Cafe’ will be open on the Saints. Jackie’s Caf’e & Deli. They are doing special free tastings on Thursday 22nd. So pop down and try. Rob from Ice Scream has also added Ruby & Pebs, sandwich makers to the stars. He's funny!

So that's it for the season...More exciting events happening next year...



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