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Pop Up at My House

Welcome to My House

Spring Sale Pop Up

Friday 29th April 10am -6pm

I have lots of stock to sell.

Clothing, Scarves, Sunglasses, Ipanema Sandals

Envy Jewellery and more........Bargain prices!

email me for my address and book in.

Bring your friends.

What's New

Super Dooper Sunglasses. Lots of new wacky styles.

NEW Season Envy

Lots of pretty things to temp you.

20% Discount on Habits of South Africa

Limited Offer

Looking forward to some proper sunshine and some good news

Its tough out there and we need some good cheer.

Also if you know of anyone who needs a bag of food for £2

I organise our church Top Up Community Shop at St Matthews.

There are several of us over Ipswich.

No criteria, No judgement.

Here is the link.

Blessings and Love

Lynn x


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