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Own Your Look!

Article in Vanilla Magazine. April/May 2021

We are often afraid to change our look, image and not confident enough to step outside our normal style.

Do you hear yourself saying “I wish I could wear that, it looks great on you but I would look awful, wrong or I’m too big, too small” too old!” Especially now, when we have been locked away and got into our relaxed mode of a ‘ comfortable fashion look’.

How would you like to look? What would you like to look like? What other women do you admire for their fashion choices? What is available to you for your particular lifestyle? Size and shape. I refuse to be defined by age, just the visceral fat around the middle that does not allow a crop top!

Tips: Look at photos and people who wear the kind of clothes you would like to wear. I use Pintrest and the weekend colour supplements.

Make up a folder either a physical one or on Pintrest. Build yourself a look board with everything that you like including accessories.

Break it down to the items that you know you could actually wear and not those that are totally wrong and unsuitable for your lifestyle, shape etc. Visualise yourself in your new look.

Start searching for them online or when the shops open and get trying on. Don’t spend a fortune, the knack is to get your look by making wise economic choices. I have often found the perfect piece in a charity shop. Summer fashions are cheaper then winter. Send back those not suitable and keep on playing around. Start with one item, maybe a great top or a pair of trousers. A certain belt may be just the thing that brings it all together or a dynamic necklace.

I have a service at Cake & Catwalk where you can choose several items to try without buying, so use it! Have some fun.

When we can, try out your look on a day out away from home or on holiday. Don’t be put off by family members (they only see you one way) be creative, adding a few more pieces bit by bit. You will get used to the new you and when people start to pay you compliments, you will start to Own your Look and build on it. Discover the new you.

Lynn Turner

Cake & Catwalk


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