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It Will Soon Be Spring

January and February are my least favourite two months of the year... We normally go skiing but what with my back, the French who have shut us out, Covid and general uncertainty, its not going to be fun, fun, fun until March. I am well on the way to recovery, did a cycle ride in London from Poplar to the Tate Modern and only suffered a little. London looked great and there were lots of families out enjoying the weather. It felt almost normal. I went to see Westside Story at the movies this week and can thoroughly recommend it, wonderful singing, fabulous dancing, quite graphic fight scenes and had me smiling, singing and sobbing. What's New Its a tricky time of year to do much buying but I still have good stock of jewellery and accessories. Lots of Envy still at 1/2 price, big offer on fluffy winter scarves, ponchos, pashmina style wraps and gloves. I have reduced the dresses and chiffon tops. I was planning to do another pop up day in January but am a bit anxious about the Covid numbers and would not want to be a hot spot for that! But February could be OK...If so, keep Friday18th February Free and even Saturday the19th. I will confirm in my next newsletter. I will be putting a couple of fabulous big jumpers online this week. Just waiting for suitable light and the energy to get out the tripod. (Have not really felt like doing all the videos and photos during this time). So keep checking. Still Take advantage of the gloves offer.

  • Gloves which are priced from £12 per pair you buy two pairs for £18.

  • Gloves priced at £15 per pair you have 2 for £22.

  • Powder branded gloves priced from £20 to £22 you can have 2 for £28.

Just order online as normal and I will refund the discount before sending out. Keep well, be careful and please stay safe. Blessings and Love Lynn x for all the big designer jewellery.

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