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Invitation to my House

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It was really great to see you at the Wherstead Park Market

It was a lovely event and thankfully we missed the forecasted storms and the weather remained glorious.

On the strength of this I have now organised this

Pop Up event at my house.

Please click onto the link above to register

yourself and your friends and book a suitable time.

If you are not able to navigate the Eventbrite system

just email me and I will book you in.

Please be patient as I need you to be safe and stay safe and it may mean you have to be a bit flexible with your time options.

I will be putting up a gazebo in the back garden for the clothing and set out the accessories in the conservatory.

If there is a particular brand you want to see please let me know.

i.e. Habits

I am having a good clear out so there will be some bargains.

I am happy for you to try on. If you want to match up an outfit

and want style advice we are on hand to help.

Its My Look!

Take A Look!

I have been built a new web site which is all about my bold,

art inspired jewellery and accessories.

It's My Look.

It has an Instagram and Facebook page. Take a look.

Add an outstanding piece of jewellery to compliment your new look!


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