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Great Tops for Spring

I miss my shop but grateful for being able to still have a business and less overheads. I miss the buying season, the London Trade shows, Pure and Top Drawer. I even missed London Fashion Week which always inspires me. Therefore I missed responding to what’s totally ‘on trend’. Although I keep up to date with all the colour supplements and magazines who are doing a great job of maintaining inspirational fashion features.

I miss the St Peters Street

seeing everyone, chit chatting with my neighbours.

I miss visiting lovely independent shops and perusing all the gorgeous things on offer.

I don’t miss trying to keep up with all this technology to maintain a presence on the virtual high street. If only I knew how hard it was going to be!

Grateful for getting the vaccine and seeing an end in sight and praying that all the young people can get some fun back into their lives and the older generation getting back their confidence to go out and feel free again. And sad to say, grateful for Zoom......

But hey it’s March. The worst of the winter is over and we are getting some warmer weather and sunshine. Hopefully we are healthier now that we have walked our little socks off!

I am working hard trying to get some new spring products and find something new and different. There are lots of fun leisure tops which are great for the way we are now living, I have bought some pretty colours, Aqua is uplifting and the winter whites and creams.

There are also some nice colour jumpers from the Alpini collection. The short pocket jumper’s is a good transitional and the pink and blue are very flattering with jeans.

It’s difficult making the trousers look good but the stretchy magic pants and animal ones are fun.

There are some leisure suits which are a great price and very versatile.

I am topping up the Hatti Metal Jewellery this month which comes from Turkey and have bought some extra pieces from Sunshine which a great value and make good Mothering Sunday gifts.

There are lots of scarves still available especially the little silky squares which are easy to wear and lift any outfit. Lots of Miss Sparrow socks in all different styles and of course earrings which are a great choice.

I am looking forward to buying but I like to do that physically.



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