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Enjoying my New Normal

Its really quite nice....No ticking clock. No pressure except to keep posting on Facebook and Instagram. Keep the website up to date. Actually all of this does take a lot of time. The hot weather slowed me down. Just wanted to loll about feeling exhausted and very lazy. I am sure you felt the same!

I do try to get up and exercise each day and set some kind of routine just to keep me sane. I miss the fellow shop keepers on St Peters and, of course, my customers but enjoying the peace.

I am doing a small amount of buying and adding some new products each week but August is normally a very quiet time for buying new clothing. I am getting in some transitional cover up pieces that will take you into autumn.

Keep up to date with the new free delivery service in Ipswich and the surrounding area. On the Home page the new Click, Drop,Try, Buy or Return option. 


If you have an outstanding gift voucher please can you email me directly on with details and if possible a photo of the voucher and I will produce a code for you to use to claim it back when you purchase online.  

This is a new format newsletter using WIX and not MailChimp. If I have sent you this and you did not want to receive I apologise as I had to transfer the mailing list and some may have slipped through. Please unsubscribe at the bottom. 

When this pandemic reaches a safe point I will be organising an event but it may be nearer to Christmas at this rate. 

I hope you like the new products and the very efficient delivery service. I managed to deliver two dresses to a customer within the hour.

I look forward to seeing you soon.



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