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A Slice of Lock Down Cake

I hope that you are all well and getting through this time. Sometimes I feel quite at peace with it, making the most of the rest and time to think. I like the daily exercise regime and if I could put a security lock on the fridge and the larder cupboard all would be well here in the Turner household. It was hard at first living 24/7 with Mr T but let’s just say we have learnt not to say the first thing that comes into our heads but give it a few minutes before responding. Then some days I feel very lost and unsure of the future and the ‘new normal’ and what that may be like. But overall I am very grateful. Everywhere is in full bloom and looking beautiful and we have lovely homes to be in and are safe. Michaela is running her online Pilates classes via Zoom which I join in every Tuesday. I see several of my customers also joining in.  Great value at only £7 and she also does a free one on a Thursday morning.

I have put as much onto the website as possible to suit the season and am doing lots of Instagram and Facebook activity with special offers each week to tempt you but it’s hard when we are not going out out! but staying in in!

Take a look at the linen trousers are available in 4 colours and were £45 and are now £35.

The Postcard from Brighton and Sundae Tee is still on 25% discount. I think this is the best quality and brilliant for being at home and feeling great. I wear it all the time.  It’s going to be difficult to go back high fashion clothes after this is over. (Hahh)  If you visit the online shop and go to the sale page I have included lots of items at bargain prices. I have also included a new page for gift giving and treat. It’s great if you want to give a gift to a someone you know will love something from Cake & Catwalk. You can choose anything from the online shop. Choose a greeting card. I have put some examples up there but I have more, just give me a heads up on your style and I can choose a suitable card. Then email me and detail everything. I will then work out a price and send you payment details which I can do by PayPal or Bacs. You get the greeting card free and if you spend £25 you get 20% discount. If the recipient lives in Ipswich I will deliver for free.  Or send a gift voucher and they can choose for themselves. We now know that our little shops will not be open until June providing the numbers go down. I don’t know about you but I want to be safe not sorry. I am asking if you could complete the questionnaire and email it back to me to help me provide a safe environment for you to shop and for me to be safe as I am considered vulnerable and at risk myself. I will have been tested myself before I reopen the shop. I have attached this link which will direct you to a very short questionnaire. This will help me gauge how and when we can get back to opening the shop  

Word on the Street..... There will not be any events in the garden and the Street Market is cancelled. Mr T has given the shop a repaint and tidy up.  I do redress the window regularly as there are lots of people walking around just to make it feel the town feel lived in.

The Tavernetta is open for takeaways John at Revival and House in the Town has renovated the garden at the old sports shop and its looking amazing. All ready to put some lovely garden furniture in.  What I do miss is going out to eat and drink with friends in all our lovely venues in Ipswich and Suffolk. At the end of a nice walk or cycle ride, that refreshing glass of Shandy and a bag of crisps... Nectar.... Blessings and love and please keep well.... Lynn x


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