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A Slice of Cake at Home

Sorry it’s been so long but I am still in shock! Thinking that Brexit would be the biggest hurdle we may have to jump/crawl/stumble over this year, also being in an unofficial recession, I certainly did not see this one coming.   I know it has rocked not just the small businesses but the big ones as well.I am certainly grateful for the government grant and help which we are getting. I just feel so so sad.

I miss my shop and all my customers. I miss you all........And the uncertainty of what the future holds for all of us. I am thankful every day for my health and for all those I know and love are safe and well but I feel so helpless now.

Update  I have exercised every morning and gone for a long walk or cycle ride. I have joined Michaela’s Pilate classes which she now does online via Zoom. They are excellent. Here is the link My new venture at Salad Days is also on shutdown but most of the businesses there are online and are doing a delivery service.   We have also cancelled The Saints Summer Street Market. SHOP For security I have emptied the shop and stored it all safely away. I have also been very busy putting it online. It really does take a long time which means I have not sorted my own wardrobe out, but it does mean that I have sorted out the garden, deep cleaned the kitchen and the shop so that we're ready to go whenever we are told it is safe to do so.

I am posting everyday on Instagram and Facebook with new products, offers and links to the website. Sadly I no longer have access to my models so you have to put up with me posing in my conservatory. Hardly Vogue or Trinny but it will have to do.

Please take a look and enjoy looking at the shop on your laptop or phone, which have become our lifeline. Postcard from Brighton and Sundae Tee is on offer with 25% discount and I have reduced the Kimonos - I will be adding more as time goes on for obvious reasons.

I could give you a whole list of things to look at and be involved in but social media seems to have it all covered. In fact apart from meeting up with friends on Zoom on a Friday night and catching up with all three seasons of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, which is great, l I don’t have the time.  But I still dress up for the Zoom as I think standards should still be met. Don't you! Cheers......

I do hope all this ends soon but we will just have to pray for those who are doing a magnificent job caring for everyone in all kinds of ways, how brilliant are they! I hope you are all outside applauding and making a noise every Thursday. But until then blessings and love, keep safe and keep well. Miss You. Lynn xxxxx


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