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Slice of Cake - October 2018

Apologies for being very laxed about my newsletters. I have been mostly running myself ragged with fashions shows and events. Getting in new stock and trying to keep on top of it all. And breathe......

The shop is stuffed to the rafters with heavenly gorgeous things for Christmas. Of course....As I always remind you. Don't leave it too long as I only have a 1 or 2 of anything. Powder have some very cute mittens and handwarmers along with monogramed socks. I have invested in a new collections of Etnika and Strata jewellery which very unique to Ipswich and the High Street.

I have topped up with the Habits Travel Collection and that should arrive mid November. Its been very successful and transcends the seasons, so suitable anytime. A Postcard from Brighton has arrived and I am loving the rust colour with is bright and cheerful. Lots of fake fur scarves and wraps and new hats. There is far too much but hey ho its Christmas.

Quick reminder about the Library Fashion Show on the 8th November. I have tickets here at the shop. £7 Bring cash please. Its a full on show and its always fun with some stalls for light shopping.

Our very own Saints Christmas Market is on Sunday 2nd December. We have a full house with over 35 stalls selling everything from Vegan food to lampshades. All local artizans and we have ongoing entertainment throughout the day. The street will be closed all day and we start from 10am to 4pm.

Late night shopping begins in the town from November 19th. I will join in with this from Thursday November 29th and be open until 8pm. I will open on Sundays from the 2nd December 10am to 4pm.

Ipswich has got so much on over Christmas and I urge to look at the following for inspiration for the whole family: Red Rose Chain...Alice in Wonderland 7th to 31st December Eastern Angles...Fenland Screamers 5th Dec 26th January Touring all over. DanceEast....Snow...24th November and The Little Prince 12th to 16th December Both premiers. The New Wolsey..Rock & Roll Panto. Cinderella. 29th November to 2nd February. Always a riot. The New Wolsey Studio.. The Ballas of Rudy. A jazz odyssey for ages 3+. 4th to 31st December.

So what are you waiting for People. Get out there and enjoy our town.


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