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From everything that's going on we must make the very best of getting out and about now, seeing friends and family, meeting for coffee,

visiting people you have not seen for ages.

Value our freedom. We live in fragile times.

What's New

I am involved in a fashion show.

It's on Friday 25th March at the Ipswich High School

in Woolverstone Hall. Tickets are now on sale.

(See poster below).

There will also be stalls and refreshments.

Cake & Catwalk will be on the Catwalk and having a double stall

to sell my accessories and a rail with clothing.

So at last we get to show off and meet some new people.

I can't wait! So be quick and get your ticket.

Keep well, be careful and please stay safe.

Blessings and Love

Lynn x for all the big designer jewellery.


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