Be Gorgeous Everyday!

Dressed Ready to Impress

Who takes notice of what you look like when you turn up for work each day? You would be surprised.


I know you should never judge a book by its cover but when the cover looks a crumpled and dog-eared mess, it’s not likely to command much attention, let alone seal a deal or make a sale.


It has nothing to do with being a woman, or indeed a man and I do not buy into the excuse that it’s about money or even style. It has much more to do with self-preservation and a sense of pride. Some of my best outfits are bought at sales, charity shops or are even hand-me-downs. If I feel lousy, I wash my hair, I put on a face and instantly I feel better.


I am sure that many of you work in places where you have to look at colleagues who wear the same outfit day-in, day-out, who don’t even bother to brush their hair or iron their shirt.  What is that all about?


Get out of your Nightie

Feeling and looking good, or even fabulous, can be the difference between me having an okay day or a great day. Whether you work in an office or from home, I guarantee that your work output improves when you get out of the “jimjams” or housecoat, clean your teeth, sort out that hair and put on clothing that makes you feel good. It’s all about Attitude...


For the first time in my life I am working in fashion, prior to this I’ve had a varied career working in all kinds of environments that didn’t require me to “posh-up” every day. But as a woman with a less than perfect figure and a face definitely requiring more than a tinge of lippy, I can turn this duckling into a swan in less than 15 minutes.    It just takes a bit of practice, a little effort and I feel fabulous.


Yes, it does take a little longer and requires more effort to dress yourself for best each morning, or evening, but it’s worth it. Not just for yourself but for those who benefit from looking at you. You will feel more confident, get more compliments and engage more in conversations. I believe this approach ultimately leads to better work ethic, improves your work output and, from my experience, increases your sales.


Golden rule; don’t save your best outfit for best. You will grow out of it, believe me. Enjoy wearing it and let others enjoy seeing it. It’s just a shame a ball gown and sequins look out of place in the office.


Lynn Turner.